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The Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012 - From the love of power to the power of Love.
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Mayan Calendar 11:11 21-12-2012 - Following the Tzolkin [9]

Follow Maya Tzolkin Calendar to 2012 Many people interested in 2012 have begun wondering about just what it means to follow this ancient Maya Tzolkin Calenda r. What exactly does it involve, and what great benefit would it add to our lives? Especially relevant now as today is 21-12-2008 , there are exactly just four years until the end of this 5125 year Long Count of the Maya Calendar system. Also we see the closure of one ‘ Great Year ’ nearly 26,000 years long related to cosmic mechanisms of Earth and the Milky Way. Well I have always believed that scientific and spiritual matters both should be tested for truth and relevance by personal investigation. Here I will detail the way to start following this system and a little of what that may mean for you and me. We will take a journey through the steps needed to begin using the Maya calendar ourselves. Here are some useful links to visit that will enable you to calculate your own Maya signs and get to grips with following the Maya system. I also suggest that like me you hand draw your own calendar as you may sometime be away from a computer with which to check the Maya sign for that day. Also it will help forge your relationship with the numbered symbols themselves. Maya Birth Calculator Maya Day Glyphs Maya Glyph and number interpretations Maya Long Count Date Lets start at the begging, using my own beginning for example. I was born rooted firmly into the Gregorian calendar having been born on its first day, 1-1-1977 . I believe we choose the exact date of our birth, so that the background energies and other considerations will assist us in our tasks ahead. For me then this was a way to mark my future life as being related closely to cycles of time and cyclical calendars. Early in the hours of that day I arrived from the unborn non-manifest realms of consciousness and entered matter and form fully. As I took that form specific energy patters were being held within the flux of the background universe that will likely never be wholly repeated. Other aspects of the energies, radiation and cosmic positioning would indeed be run again through the cycles of future time. Those energies would logically have imprinted in some way on the coalescing matter and sublime consciousness that would later harmonise as the body-mind complex. The mind-body complex would then be named ‘Bruce Fenton’, for abstract reasons relating to social convenience. Although the unborn infant already has some self-awareness it remains unaware of the physical world, drifting in dream state worlds . This is why the time of birth and fuller awakening to self is more relevant that say the time of conception or length of pregnancy. When we awaken at birth we fully coalesce into our new being. I was born under the Western Astrological sign Capricorn , and also under the auspices of the Fire Dragon in the Chinese system. These two systems have both led to me gaining useful factual information about life paths, probable roles, and part to play in this lifetime. The Maya calendar adds a greater depth to the understanding of cosmic and spiritual energies interwoven with our lives. First I calculated my own Maya birth symbolism and checked it with some simple maths to ensure accuracy in relation to the known calendar end-date of 4-Ahau . My own birthday is number nine and glyph Iiq or K’an, depending on regional Mayan dialect. This is the symbol for Wind and Maize. So I am thus 9-Wind in the Tzolkin 260 day round of glyphs and numbers. That combination would occur again only once every two hundred and sixty days of course. That in it-self was interesting, but of course it’s the meaning and essence of the calendar that I wanted. I carefully studied the interpretations of my birth symbolism . It was very surprising to find a high level of accuracy and relevance to my own character and habits. Even a sceptic would agree that a superficial glance at the meanings makes for an eye opener. Quote: “It embodies the power of communication and dissemination of positive thoughts and ideas.” Quote: “Wind people make great orators, teachers and journalists, spreading spiritual inspiration, knowledge and information as if carried by the wind.” As I run a popular, positive, alternative web-site , and have written most of a spiritually centred book it was easy to note the clear connections. The Haab is a 365 day Maya calendar system that runs alongside the 260 day Tzolkin . It has 17 months known as Uinals , 16 being of twenty days length and the last being just five days seen as outside normal time and rather unlucky. This other flow of time measurement was used for more practical aspects of Maya life. It is the more spiritual and prophetic Tzolkin with its 13 months of 20 days that I intend to follow for the rest of my life. Or certainly at least until 21-12-2012 . The Maya teach that if you follow their calendar system you engage with the flow of cosmic reality and actually begin to participate more fully in the unfolding of the creative universe. Synchronicities become every day factors rather than occasional or fairly frequent. We become so attuned to the greater reality that it flows through us giving us additional inner strength and intuitive capabilities . We attune ourselves to the energetic changes lined up for our part of the universe during the 2012 period . We become calm, centred, grounded and enabled to the task of bettering reality around us. We literally become the change we want to see out there in the external world inside ourselves first. As the wise Native American Hopi peoples have said, “We are the ones that we have been waiting for.” It is now the time to wake up to that fact, to wake up to ourselves. From the first of January 2009 I intend to engage with that flow by rigorously following the Maya calendar system. I will check my calendar each day, study the glyph image and its meanings. It will be the day 10-Dog. On the date 13-01-09 it will again be 9-Wind . I intend to mark this with additional meditation practices to engage with the energy of my birth sign. I suggest you mark your own Tzolkin birthday in a similar fashion should you intend to join the many others on this inner quest. Today is 21-12-2008 of course which is 12-Storm should you be curious. I hope that after the celebrating of the Solar festival known as Christmas, formerly as Yuletide some of you will feel inclined to join me in the new year in this path toward the 2012 end date. Remember that many spiritual people including several Maya elders believe 28-10-2011 is a crucial cycle completion date as it is 13-Ahau and thus the day both the glyphs and numbers reach mutual completion simultaneously . It would be wise to be ready should this earlier date prove relevant also. Time is running out. There are actually five key dates that I feel have merit for being treated as extremely important in terms of temporal energy changes and our spiritual self development. The last day of the calendar 21-12-2012 of course, but also three dates that have 13-Ahau ascribed to them. The above mentioned one of course and also that of 14-07-2012 shortly after the Venus Transit on 06-06-2012 an event which is deeply important to the Maya elders. Lastly there is the first 13-Ahau after the closing of the Long Count which occurs on a particularly numerically and symbolically pleasing date 31-3-2013 . It also happens to be 3-Uayeb of the Haab system. This makes it a rare event as Uayeb is the last month of the Haab, made up of the five special days considered outside of normal time . I admit this is the date my intuition is pulling me toward most strongly. It surprises me that nobody else seems to have spotted this amazing calendar conjunction occurring so shortly into the new Long Count cycle. As someone who has been hounded by the number 333 through my life and spiritual studies, I just cant ignore all those 3’s piling up together bang smack on such a rare calendar event, and in such extraordinary close proximity to the 21-12-2012 date. Could 31-3-13, 13-Ahau, 3-Uayeb, be the real end-date of the more spiritual energy changes mapped out by the Mayan cosmic consciousness calendrical system?

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