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The Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012 - From the love of power to the power of Love.
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The act of Observation

The simple act of observing, changes the behavior of matter! That is amazing, but true, according to experts. It is like they "know" we are watching. Watch (no pun intended) the video here:

Dr Quantum Explains The Law of Attraction Scientifically:

From the love of power to the power of love- is it just me, or are more and more waking up more to the realities of our being?

When technologies like those of Nikolas Tesla can be applied for good, then we know that what many call the age of Aquarius, is actually here- a 1,000 years of lightness as the Mayans say.

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09-03-2017 04:15:54
Watching the video was very helpful to know how we can define the law of attraction scientifically. Dr. Quantum is really knowledgeable in this subject and aware about how to explain it. It explains the tablet rental love of power to the power of love and the connections.
steve larsc
17-04-2017 04:51:07
I enjoyed watching how good Dr Quantum was Explaining The Law of Attraction Scientifically. The animated video was fun to watch and informative too. I hope you will share more such videos of oren loni CEO Dr Quantum for the viewers. Thanks for sharing.

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