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The Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012 - From the love of power to the power of Love.
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The Mayan 2012 Transformation explained...

2012 The Coming Transformation – The Black Jaguar
Mayan Tikal, Guatemala
Video and Transcript

Sometimes in life things happen that make you sit-up straight and go, ahh-haaa. Meeting Danilo Rodriguez (aka – the Black Jaguar) at the shop just outside of the Tikal park in Guatemala was the memorable start of one of those moments.

We needed a guide and stopped at the gift shop based on a tip that good guides were to hire there, to get the best experience within the Mayan ruins- some say the best ruins in the world. Little did we know that Danilo, whom has become a friend, was a well-know figure or fixture in the park (There from basically the start) and his title is “spiritual guide” however he is also an expert on the Mayan culture and their use of jade in their ceremonies and much more. Our tour also turned into much more- it was simply put, "an eye opener."

Danilo’s knowledge of both the Bible and the Mayan Calendar make for very interesting discussions with a simple message: We are headed from the LOVE OF POWER to the POWER OF LOVE and how 2012, the transformation, is key to this change. Here above we have footage that Danilo sent us to process. This is just a start and we have much more coming. Below is the full transcript of Danilo’s talk.

"From the Love of power to the Power of Love."

We’re going to talk about a worldwide unification, about the Mayan civilization. As a matter of fact I am doing cultural investigations about Mayan graffiti’s found here in the park of ships with 3 sails (Spanish?). Actually, we are going to talk about how we are seeing the Mayan information by seeing it from a western perspective. We got to accept that we do have a program already influenced by western culture. And actually instead of helping us it is not helping us at all to actually see what happened here. As a matter of fact actually most of us, we have been talking about the Mayans in the western perspective back then in the 1950’s 60’s the day when ----- from Pennsylvania move down here and started actually the Mayan investigations and developed the western perspective.

Before we didn’t know anything about the Mayans. Now the Mayan information is coming back in the way we are able see them from their own perspective. That is what we are going to do through this tour. As a matter of fact, the son of David was the information of the behavior of the universe, cycles of a thousand years, thousand years of lightness integrated with a thousand years of darkness.

As a matter of fact, the Mayans live a thousand years of lightness (and a thousand years of darkness) [video education by Danilo] then the hollow which started the dark cycle and now we are in 2012, the end of the cycle of darkness regulated by male energy. It is the disintegrated destructive cycle regulated by male energy ruled by Mars. Actually that is the destructive planet. And then Mayans live in what we know as a life cycle - constructive natural cycle that is actually regulated by female energy that is why Venus was very important to the Mayans and Venus is actually coming back to rule the male cycle. That is the information of the “The Vinci Code”, for example. In the “The Vinci Code”, they are talking about the rule of Venus. I actually have the symbol of Venus right here that you see. That is the discovery of Linda Sheen (*???*).

Linda Sheen used a computer program known as sky globe that will tell you the order of the sky. In Mayan times, the planet has moved a little bit. So she found out, actually with fine arts, archeology and philosophy, she found out that Mayan world was ruled out by Venus. Everything they’ve done was based on the cycle of Venus. So she is the one that moved the Mayan perspective from that point we will see the Mayans from an astronomical perspective to see everything actually they don’t.

As a matter of fact we are the results of breaking the harmony with nature breaking the harmony with universe. We’re just limiting ourselves in the way to developing economical system that we based on. We call it the wheel of the hamster (*???). We are in it. It’s hard for us to actually get out of the wheel. We just find ways how to live, how to earn our living, how to make money and to spend it. More than that actually you don’t see it’s hard for us to get out of the wheel, to stay still for a while and to see what it looks like all about. You just try to reach your highest economical level, as an excuse we don’t change ourselves or usually we try to change someone else as an excuse to not change ourselves. That’s particularly the quality of the dark cycle and that’s how it goes more than making any changes as a matter of understanding what is happening. We’ve been ruled by a dark cycle by the universe. That is the discovery of Dr. Carl Johann Calleman. In his book The Mayan Calendar and The Transformation of Consciousness he has been proving even actually been using information from the Mayan Calendar that the western history actually obeys astronomical events. Information is in the Bible but we decide for it in different ways depending on the time we are living.

Actually when Jesus Christ was crucified, there was a solar eclipse and an earthquake. Actually that’s our behavior. Always we have a parallel direct relation with astronomical events even natural disasters. That’s why actually now, it’s a surprise for us to talk about global warming when we are actually familiar with the information of the Mayan calendar. That’s not a surprise actually. We’ve been talking about this around 10 - 12 years ago when the Mayan information started being developed so for us there is no surprise of what is happening. Actually we are going to a point where actually this cycle is ending to start a new cycle again. Some people call it New Age. We call it Cosmic Repetition (*???*). We see how the universe repeat the information once again. People call this information New Age when actually it is not New Age. Just like the new testament says, “There is nothing new under the sun”. We call it Cosmic Repetition, so what is used to be is coming back again.
The words of:
Danilo Rodriguez
The Black Jaguar
Spirtual guide
Tikal, Guatemala

Flute (More on that next!) by
Pablo Collado www.pablocollado.com
The official musician of the Mayan Unification and his father is a Martyr of this movement.

Stay tuned- Get the message out and forward this around; this is Danilo's only request...

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