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The Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012 - From the love of power to the power of Love.
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- The Jump- "because we are talking about parallel worlds, gates through their dimension, gates into the magical world. Actually they said, the jump - the jump is the extra amount of energy you need to change dimension."

The Quantum Jump- changing dimensions

2012 - The Coming Transformation
"There is a scientific work being done to actually even prove how we can do the jump – change dimension even when we talk about 2012 it is known in the world as the quantum Jump."

by Danilo Rodgriquez aka “Black Jaguar”
Spiritual Guide in Tikal, Guatemala

full transcript of video below

….actually used wooden hymns to support the Mayan art. The Mayan art actually has the shape of a pyramid. Before I got into the Mayan investigation, I was studying the Egyptians. Now I am just making analogies because both live in life cycles ruled by the same information. When we talk about Mayans, when we talk about Egyptians, we are not talking about a specific race. We are not talking about a specific group. We are talking about a big culture unification. The back of the (***) lands ….one of the portion snakes of the world. Actually, to tell you the truth, there’s two step snakes. The back of the rattle snake is a diamond shape. The diamond shape is in the information of the Mayan calendar. It talks about how we disintegrate, integrate, disintegrate, integrate, and how we go in the history of the different humanities. Many astronomical cycles according to the Mayans actually mark humanity. When the president of Bolivia came to Guatemala, our indigenous people made him the fifth song. The symbol of the fifth song is actually what we are doing through the Mayan unification preparing ourselves to welcome the great cycle that is coming known as the fifth song. Mayan declared themselves as the third humanity where the fourth humanity is just about to end to get into the fifth humanity. Every humanity is actually represented in the Mayan civilization as a song.

The book of the Mormons says that the people who build the pyramids of Egypt are the same people who build the temples of the Mayan civilization. They are the same thing. So the point is when I studied the Egyptians, actually I had to do some experiments because for me I cannot explain anything without the use of the concept of energies – concept we lost especially with the invention of the machines. Einstein said that before. Einstein said technology is going to go beyond humanity. We gave our power to the machines whereby depending so much on the machines we are actually becoming useless and useless. In such a way, we trust more a piece of metal than ourselves. That’s how we gave our power to the machines. These people in the whole history of the Mayans are how they were balanced in negative energy with the use of the temples, the use of the principles of the pyramids, the use of the crystals such as jade. Actually if you see jade with the use of microscope, they have molecular pyramidal structure. It does the same thing that multiplies the cosmic energy. But what happens is that (***) Carlos Castañeda, the pioneers of the new age information in Europe actually because we are talking about parallel worlds, gates through their dimension, gates into the magical world. Actually they said, the jump - the jump is the extra amount of energy you need to change dimension. As a matter of fact all of these has been are grouped by so called quantum physics . Actually I am not a scientist I do not need to prove anything. I am not a preacher I do not need to convince anyone. I am just sharing culture information but actually if anyone would like to have some evidence then we have evidence to prove all these. There is a scientific work being done to actually even prove how we can do the jump – change dimension even when we talk about the 2012 is known in the world as the quantum Jump. Its in the Bible. Revelation talks about all these things.

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