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The Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012 - From the love of power to the power of Love.
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The Telektonon of Pacal Votan; Unification of Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Indigenous peoples of all sorts

Unification and 2012 - the real message from the Mayan calendar of 13:20 time...

Pacal Votan, the self called "special agent", the time traveling prophet loosely from the Mayan's but directed to all of mankind, wrote that much is similar between Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. He wrote,
"The Telektonon of Pacal Votan
The Talking Stone of Prophecy Which Unites the People of the Dawn with the People of the Book
The special agent's main focus of his prophecy, other than love, is that we must be willing to switch from the "12:60 time" (Gregorian calendar) to the "13:20" time of which, for example, the Mayan calendar is based on. Here is an example from his prophecy on the 13 moon (each month or moon has 28 days), 20 icons or solar seals calendar: 101. Thirteen moons, 20 fingers and toes, thirteen joints, four limbs, five senses do you already possess. God's knowing and power of movement are already in you like a Mother pregnant with child. The "people of the books" (Christianity, Islam, etc) and the "people of the dawn" or indigenous peoples (Mayans, indian tribes of all sorts, native folk the world over in general, etc) coming together in a grand unification by 2013! With this in mind, we read this historical fact and further insight:

"The use of the Ichthys symbol by early Christians. Ichthus (ΙΧΘΥΣ, Greek for fish) can be read as an acrostic. It compiles to "Jesus Christ, God's son, savior," in ancient Greek "Ἰησοῦς Χριστός, Θεοῦ ͑Υιός, Σωτήρ", Iēsous Khristos Theou Huios, Sōtēr.
Example carved into marble in the ruins of Ephesus.
The symbol contains the Bhavacakra, the Wheel of Becoming in Buddhism. Some believe there is a particularly close affinity between Buddhism and the doctrine of Gnostic texts such as The Gospel of Thomas."

Source: http://sites.google.com/site/antiquityproject/

Here is a video with further information on the circle symbol of Jesus Christ, our Savior used by early followers of the Son of God, showing how it can be seen in many interesting symbols and structures even today. These including St, Peters Square at the Vatican, the Star of David and the Templar's Cross:

We all have a special place in God's heart, his being of LOVE. The closer we near the end of this system of things, which likely coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar cycle on December 21, 2012, the closer we should pull towards this LOVE. There will be those in the coming months and years that will fight this switch and try to hold onto the "love of power." But as the Black Jaguar explains to us here, 2012 is if anything at all, a transfer from the "love of power to the POWER of LOVE." (He also helps with the Unificacion Maya Cultural and Spiritual Festival "2012", held every year from December 15 -21.) Watch Danilo, aka the Black Jaguar explain this here in a simplified form at the ruins of the Mayan city in Tikal, Guatemala:

God bless and I close with an important scripture for me from the Bible:

Hebrews 11:1 (New International Version)

By Faith
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

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